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Best F14 Diecast Models

best f14 diecast models

The Grumman F-14 Tomcat fighter jet first took to the air in 1970 and made its debut 4 years later in the U.S. Navy. Its capabilities boast an impressive 24-target tracking ability. Also, it can attack 6 with missiles. Below, we have compared the best F14 diecast models available to purchase online.

Additionally, it’s a very widely known fighter jet aircraft – you may recognize it from the movie Top Gun. As a result, many models have been created by manufacturers. Moreover, it’s no wonder many collectors want to get their hands on them; they’d look super cool displayed in an office or on a shelf anywhere at home.

Unlike diecast cars, aircraft models are more commonly shown outside of their display cases. Also, some models require you to assemble them yourself, compared to arriving ready-to-display. We will outline which ones require assembly. So, let’s get started with our list of the best F14 diecast aircraft models.

1. F-14 Tomcat – VF-84 Jolly Rogers USS Theodore Roosevelt 

f-14 diecast model plane #1

In first place for the best F14 diecast model is an absolute peach from Hobby Master. Firstly, it’s made from metal and is high quality with intricate detail. Furthermore, the wings open and close and the model itself arrives at your door with a multitude of attachments. As a result, it goes beyond just display; you can customize this 1:72 scale model.

Having said that, the detail is sublime but be sure to take extra care when handling it because some parts can be fragile. The attachments include missiles and fuel tanks. Finally, This particular F14 model belongs to the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which has been actively serving for over 40 years.

  • Highly detailed metal diecast aircraft
  • Features a neat stand for great display wherever you see fit
  • Opening and closing wings
  • Includes attachments that you can add to the model
  • Realistic and true to scale

2. TAMIYA America, Inc 1/48 Grumman F-14D Tomcat, TAM61118

best f14 diecast model #2

In second place is this beautiful F-14D model, by Tamiya. They were founded in 1946 and derive from Japan, which means they’ve been experts at making models for decades. Furthermore, the F-14D is different from the standard counterpart because it has different engines which make the thrust more powerful. Also, the thrust is more powerful and it’s more fuel-efficient.

Now, let’s discuss the model itself. They’ve got the details and features right down to the wire. Specifically the afterburner nozzles, vertical stabilizers, and even a highly detailed cockpit. Most notably, this model is one that requires assembling. So, if assembling models is something you enjoy then this is certainly one to take on. Like with most things in life, you get what you pay for and this is certainly worthy of every buck. And, according to a review “This was possibly the best engineered and detailed kit I’ve ever built”. Everything is included in the kit, you just need paint and super glue.

  • Model kit that you assemble yourself
  • Highly detailed interior and exterior
  • Great fun to build
  • Awesome features
  • For the advanced kit builders

3. TAMIYA America, Inc 1/48 Grumman F-14A Tomcat, TAM61114

Third, on our list of the best F14 diecast models is another sensational piece by Tamiya. This particular model highly deserves its place at the top of our list, because the creators have done a fantastic job with it. Specifically, when assembled, each piece fits together seamlessly yet still requires skill to build it and is, therefore, an advanced kit. If you’re a skilled model builder then it’s the perfect kit for you, don’t just take my word for it. The feedback on this model is amazing, with a lot of folks referring to it as the best kit they’ve ever built.

  • Each piece fits well together
  • Referred to as “the best kit I’ve ever put together”
  • The ideal kit for advanced model builders
  • The missing piece to any model kit enthuiast’s collection

4. Calibre Wings F-14A Tomcat Fighter vf-74 Devil Squadron

Calibre Wings F-14A diecast

The fourth place features a truly remarkable diecast model by Calibre Wings. In this case, this model is highly detailed and ready-made. Furthermore, it’s got a metal body with plastic featured for details. The paintwork and interior detail are truly sublime. Furthermore, the manufacturer is highly renowned within the industry to produce high-quality models.

  • Ready-made model for instant display
  • High quality detail
  • Created by a highly considered manufacturer
  • 1:72 scale
  • A highly collectible item

5. HANGHANG 1/100 Scale US Navy Bounty Hunter Squadron F-14D Tomcat

f14 diecast model #4

Our fifth-place entry is aimed at collectors who prefer a hands-off method of collecting. This model arrives ready-painted and assembled. Additionally, it’s ready to display and would look great on its stand in an office, bar, or even lounge. This model is made by Hanghang, which is located in China. Plus, if you or someone you know likes the Navy, then this is the perfect display gift for them.

  • Ready-made diecast plane with display stand
  • High quality paint work and detail
  • Comes with a display box
  • Super cool US Navy Bounty Hunter replica

6. Hot Wheels F-14 Grumman Top-Gun Diecast

top gun hot wheels f14 diecast

We couldn’t resist this next one, everybody has heard of Hot Wheels by Mattel. On this occasion, they’ve created their own take on an F-14 diecast mode. What’s more, this has moving wings! This is a huge feature for collectors of aircraft models, as many of you will know. Additionally, this is Amazon’s choice for “hot wheels top gun”, the reviews are fantastic and finally, this is truly an iconic collector’s item for anybody with an interest in F14 diecast models.

  • Highly collectible item by Hot Wheels
  • A 1:64 scale replica from the Top Gun movie franchise
  • Amazon’s choice
  • Highly rated

7. Daron Postage Stamp PS5383-4 USN F-14 Tomcat Miss Molly 1: 160

daron f-14 tomcat #7 best diecast plane

A slightly different design this time in seventh place, a truly remarkable model by Daron. Based in the U.S., Daron is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aviation collectibles. Their reputation is great, so you can expect a great quality model here as well.

Furthermore, the model’s nickname “Miss Molly” is in honor of a nurse called Molly Snead, who served aboard the USS Carl Vinson for several years. Additionally, it was a pilot who decided to make the choice to add Miss Molly to his aircraft.

  • Super cool “Miss Molly” F-14 Tomcat variation
  • Highly collectible, would be a great addition
  • Ready to display
  • Comes with display stand

8. Hot Wings Planes F-14 Tomcat Jet (Jolly Rodgers) with Connectible Runway

Hot Wings Planes F-14 Tomcat Jet (Jolly Rodgers) with Connectible Runway

What’s cool about this model is that it comes with its own runway and collector card showing the specifications of the model. Hot Wings, which is the manufacturer of this piece, also sells connectable accessories such as hangars, control towers, and intersections. As a result, collectors can build complete airports. This brings a unique element to this model, in comparison to others, as none of them offer this. The paintwork of this F-14 Tomcat is the Jolly Rodgers variation, which represents the VFA-103 fighter squadron, nicknamed the Jolly Rodgers.

  • This model comes with a runway which can be connected to other accessories sold seperately
  • Includes a collector’s card detailing the specs of the F-14 model
  • Great gift for military aircraft collectors

9. COBI TOP Gun F-14 Tomcat – 754 Pieces Gray

COBI TOP Gun F-14 Tomcat - 754 Pieces Gray

This is for fans of the Top Gun movie franchise. As most people will know, this movie made us fall in love with the F-14A. Cobi has brought out this buildable model playset which has 754 pieces in total and is 1:48 scale. As a result of this, collectors can enjoy building a model which ends up looking brilliantly displayed wherever you see fit. Additionally, it also comes with both pilots – Maverick and Goose, so you get two figures which complete the aircraft.

This is definitely one of the best F-14 models available to buy online, we think it’s 100% worth the price, many people agree with us, just check the reviews.

  • 754 pieces of fun
  • Great for model builder hobbyists
  • The perfect gift for Top Gun fans
  • High quality model, definitely worth the price

10. F Fityle 1:100 Scale F-14 Tomcat Fighter Plane Military Model Diecast Plane Model with Stand

f14-a tomcat model by F Fityle

Lastly, but certainly not least, the 1:100 F-14 diecast model, stand included. This ready-made model looks great both on the plinth and off. As a result, whichever way you plan to display it, the model will still look great. Additionally, it’s a steal at just $23 at the time of writing, compared to other models which can be far more expensive. The main body is a diecast metal alloy, of course, so the quality is there, the wings and other details are plastic, which is normal. Finally, this makes a superbly affordable gift for any loved ones who are model plane enthusiasts.

Which Brand is Best for F14 Models?

It all depends on circumstantial factors. First, are you a model builder? In this case, the answer for you is Tamiya. On the other hand, if you prefer a ready-to-display model, then the best brand for your F14 model is Calibre wings. Next, what kind of budget are you working with? If you’re looking for quality, then it’s worth forking out more bucks to get the best possible model. Besides, this enables you to avoid disappointment with low-quality models.

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I'm the editor here at I've worked in the toy industry for just over 10 years, so I know the ins and outs of all things toys. I thought I would share everything with you on my blog. I'm also a big kid at heart and I'm not ashamed to say that I still get the lego out every once in a while.

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