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Best Funko Pop Mystery Box

There’s nothing quite like that feeling you get from opening a Funko Pop Mystery box. Yet, many people haven’t explored the opportunity of purchasing one, and are therefore missing out.

Don’t worry about receiving duplicates, you can message the seller upon ordering. And as a result, you can let them know which Funkos you already have. So, they will ensure they don’t add it to the order. Below we have compared the best Funko Pop Mystery Boxes. Specifically, ones purchased online.

What is a Funko Pop Mystery Box?

A Funko Mystery Box does what it says on the tin, the seller will send you a random Funko POP! figure. Whereas, usually, you would select the Funko you want, and, are aware of what you’re receiving; this is totally random and can be much more exciting. Mystery Boxes can be purchased in various quantities, meaning you could purchase just one box or a set of multiple ones.

10 of the Best Funko Pop Mystery Boxes

1. Funko POP Exclusive Mystery Starter Pack Set of 10

Funko POP Mystery Boxes Pack of 10

Number one on our list features a pack of 10 Mystery Funko POP Boxes, which is without a doubt, the best Funko pop mystery box for new collectors. If you purchase one pack, you won’t get any duplicates. The seller(s) will send you 10 completely random Funkos, from different genres. For example, movies, music, pop culture, video games. Besides, it’s always great to have a collection with some variety. Now let’s discuss the price; when you consider that your average Funko POP! costs around ten dollars, in contrast, $52 for ten figures is superb value.

  • 10 Funko POP! Figures supplied at random
  • No duplicates if you buy one box
  • Ideal for new collectors
  • A perfect gift for Funko lovers

2. Funko Mystery 6 Pack With 1 Random Limited Edition Chase

Secondly, is a similar mystery box. Except for this time, you’ll receive a Chase variant. A chase variant is a limited edition Funko POP that is quite rare. Moreover, they’re a variant of a standard Funko, with a slight or major change. For example, you could have an Incredible Hulk with red shorts instead of blue. Why should you be interested in one? Well, this one includes a rare Funko Pop mystery box, and any avid Funko collector would know that a rare Funko can be sold or auctioned for a substantial profit sooner or later.

  • 5 Mystery Pops, 1 Mystery Limited Edition Chase
  • Great value at just 57
  • A great mystery box for all collectors

3. Funko Mystery Minis: Marvel Venom

Funko Mystery Minis: Marvel Venom

We considered it worth noting that some of the best Funko mystery boxes are Mystery Minis. This is because the intention of Mystery Minis is for the consumer to receive a random figure from a specific collection. In this case, Marvel Venom. If you’re a Marvel fan, then this is undeniably a super cool collection. There are 12 characters to collect and for just six dollars you can begin your collection with one random figure. Additionally, delivery is free for customers who reside in the US. So $6 with delivery is an absolute bargain.

  • Super cool Marvel Venom Funko Mystery Figures
  • One supplied at random
  • Great value at just $6 with free delivery
  • Collect your favourite characters from Venom by Marvel

4. Rick and Morty Series 1 Mystery Minis Set of 12

Next up, is a superb collector’s item. If you’re into pop culture, then you probably know of, or have even watched Rick and Morty. Rick and Morty first aired in 2013 and has since risen into prominence as one of the highest-rated animated TV shows for adults. Additionally, you can buy this complete set of 12 Funko Mystery Minis for just $49.99. As a result, you’ll save quite a few bucks on the individual prices, and wouldn’t have to risk getting any duplicates. Finally, the complete set features your favorite characters from season 1.

  • Complete your entire Funko MM Rick and Morty collection in one purchase
  • Save on individual purchases
  • Free shipping to USA
  • Get your favorite characters from Season 1 of Rick and Morty

5. Funko Mystery Minis: The Mandalorian (one Mystery Figure)

Funko Mystery Minis: The Mandalorian

Following Disney’s takeover of the Star Wars franchise in 2012, it was time for Star Wars to release a new television series. Conveniently, Disney+ was launched in 2019, with The Mandalorian premiering on its release. The Mandalorian is a highly-rated series and is highly regarded by Star Wars fans. Thus, the Funko Mystery Minis for the Mandalorian makes a great gift for the Star Wars collector. Moreover, for eight dollars (at the time of writing), you get one random figure sent straight to your door with free delivery. This product is also Amazon’s choice, which should be considered a high-quality product at good value and which ships quickly.

  • Collect your favorite characters from Star Wars: The Mandalorian
  • Superb value at just $8
  • Collect them all!

6. Toy Story 4 Funko Mystery Minis Vinyl Figure Blind Box Suprise – Pack of 6

toy story 4 funko msyery mini 6 pack

Next up, is another Mystery Minis surprise box. But, this time; in the form of a 6 pack. This product allows you to take your chances and see who you get from the collection. In total, there are 15 characters to collect, so the seller would hopefully send you 6 different figures. Furthermore, this Toy Story 4 Funko collection is superb and is the perfect addition to your collection. Besides, the 6 pack brings you great savings compared to individual pricing. Also, each character has a different chance of being opened. For example, rex has a 1/72 chance of being opened, so if you’re lucky enough to get him, you’ve got yourself a rare Funko that could be worth money down the line.

  • Super cool and highly collectible Toy Story 4 Funko Mystery Minis
  • Save on combined prices when you buy the 6 pack
  • Free delivery in USA
  • See who you manage to get
  • Collect them all

7. Funko 1990’s Nickelodeon Mystery Mini Blind Box Display (Case of 12)

Funko 1990's Nickelodeon Mystery Mini Blind Box Display (Case of 12)

In seventh is another fine collector’s item. This Mystery box features 12 characters in total, from a range of retro Nickelodeon cartoon characters from the 90s. For instance, Rugrats, Rocko’s modern life, and more! Each display case features 12 individually wrapped blind boxes, making it perfect for a gift, or to add to your own collection. Furthermore, since these are retro items; they are more of a collector’s item, and probably won’t be around for long.

  • A great retro collector’s item
  • Get the whole collection in one purchase
  • 12 Mystery Mini Funko Boxes
  • Rugrats and more!

8. Funko Fallout Mystery Mini – One Figure

Funko Fallout Mystery Mini

In eighth place, and one of our personal favorites; if you’re a fan of Bethesda games, specifically, Fallout; you will love these. These are very highly detailed and super cool Funko figures. To add, this particular product comes in the form of one mystery figure box, at great value for just $8.95 with free delivery to USA residents. Will you get Vault Boy, or maybe Power Armour? Try your luck and find out! Additionally, Vault Boy has different chances of being packed. For example, Nerd Rage might have a 1/25 chance of being delivered to you, which would result in you getting a rare Funko.

  • See who you get from the Fallout franchise
  • Superb value at just $8.95
  • Free delivery

9. Funko Mystery Mini: The Office – One Mystery Blind Box Vinyl Figure

funko mystery minis: the office

Last but one, are these super cool Funko figures from the Mystery Mini series. This time from the highly-rated U.S. mockumentary, The Office. Furthermore, these figures stand a 3 inches tall, and are highly detailed – the quality is superb. For example, just take a look at Stanley, Jim and Dwight just to name a few. The odds vary on characters opened. Namely, the gold Dwight has a 1/72 chance and is the rarest. Try your luck, and you could end up with a rare Funko figure. Additionally, this is a super cool collection, collectors are able to gain excitement for just $7.99 with the mystery box delivered to their door. To conclude, this mystery box is Amazon’s choice due to the great reviews and low price. You definitely shouldn’t miss out on this one.

  • Super cool Funko figures from the Office U.S. TV series
  • See which characters you get
  • Amazon’s choice
  • Great reviews

10. Funko Mystery Minis: Deadpool 30th (one Mystery Figure)

We decided to include this super cool Deadpool collection as our tenth place entry. In particular, this item is extra special because it’s the 30th anniversary edition. As a result, they’re more desirable because they may stop making them soon and their value could spike. Besides, even if you weren’t looking to sell in the future, they’re a great collector’s item nonetheless.

  • 30th anniversary edition Deadpool Funko mystery box
  • Great price with free delivery
  • Collect them all
  • Enjoy the thrill from mystery box purchasing

The Best Funko Mystery Box: Conclusion

If you’re a thrill-seeking Funko collector then these mystery boxes are the perfect way to enjoy adding to your collection. Buying mystery boxes is all about your preferences and what genres are of interest to you. However, we ensured that the top 2 from this article included mystery boxes with some variety across all genres to spice things up.

Furthermore, there are many Mystery Mini boxes to choose from and purchasing one from various genres is a good way to add to your multitude of figures that sit on your shelf.

I'm the editor here at I've worked in the toy industry for just over 10 years, so I know the ins and outs of all things toys, so I thought I'd share everything with you on my blog. I'm also a big kid at heart and I'm not ashamed to say that I still get the lego out every once in a while.

Hi, I’m Mark

I'm the editor here at I've worked in the toy industry for just over 10 years, so I know the ins and outs of all things toys, so I thought I'd share everything with you on my blog. I'm also a big kid at heart and I'm not ashamed to say that I still get the lego out every once in a while.

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