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Best Octonauts Toys

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The Kids’ TV industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors with a high-demand and top-paying market. Once a show hits, it doesn’t take long for their views to skyrocket and their fame to go global. In this article, we’ll be discovering the best Octonauts toys.    

The Octonauts are among the most popular kids’ TV show toys in the world. It is a British cartoon series featuring a crew of eight cute characters who go on adventures to rescue animals in trouble. With the show being both fun and educational for children, it’s not hard to see why they’re loved worldwide. 

If your child’s current obsession is also the best Octonauts toys, then you’re probably here to buy them one. Get ready to spend a little over budget though, as the best Octonauts toys aren’t known for being cheap. 

11 of the Best Octonauts Toys:

  1. Octonauts Gup-A Deluxe Playset
  2. Building Block Octonauts Gup-I Set
  3. Gup-Q Undersea Explorer
  4. Claw and Drill Gup-D Playset
  5. Flying Fish Gup-B Playset
  6. Gup-M & Kwazii Playset
  7. Octo-Crew 8 Figure Pack
  8. Octo Glow Crew Pack
  9. Gup-A Deluxe Vehicle Playset
  10. Gup-V & Tweak Vehicle Playset
  11. Gup-X & Dashi Playset

The Best Octonauts Toys to Buy Online

1. Octonauts Gup-A Deluxe Playset

octonauts gup-a playset

Give your kids the full Octonauts experience with this playset—it comes with one of the biggest Gups ever! The 12-inch Gup-A opens to a full playset with two floors that transport rescued creatures. It includes two double-sided cards that kids can slide into the screen and pretend to be an Octonaut. The set also comes with ten Midnight creatures for kids to rescue plus some glow-in-dark starfish and antenna. 

  • The biggest GUP-A playset available to buy
  • Included 16 pieces
  • Change from vehicle to playset
  • Glow in the dark starfish and antenna
  • Use the rescue basket to transport creatures
  • Hardly ever in stock

2. Building Block Octonauts Gup-I Set

octonauts GUP-I playset

This building block set is suitable for older kids who have a thing for DIYs and getting creative. It comes with blocks that kids will have to build themselves to create the Gup-I. Since the playset comes with small parts that may be choking hazards, it is recommended for kids six and above.  Aside from the blocks and some characters, the playset also includes an instruction manual to guide kids in building the Gup-I. 

  • Your child can build the GUP-I vehicle piece-by-piece
  • 766 pieces to put together
  • Comes with 6 figures to man the GUP
  • Easy to build
  • Lots of cool features such as opening doors
  • Only suitable for kids aged 6+

3. Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup-Q Undersea Explorer

GUP-q playset

Having trouble bathing your kids? This Gup-Q Undersea Explorer can make bath time more fun for your little one. It can be used both in and out of the water making it definitely among the best Octonauts toys. This is another model in the Gup series that is inspired by hammerhead sharks. It has wide-set eye lights and even glows in the dark to commence rescue operations. The set includes the Gup-Q, Kwazii in an Octo-Glow suit, a rescue towline, and a rescue basket and creature!

  • Suitable for water use
  • Underwater search lights
  • Glow in the dark fin
  • Kwazii’s arms and legs glow in the dark
  • Includes Gup-Q, Kwazii in his Octo-Glow suit, rescue towline, rescue basket and remipede creature!
  • Expensive
  • Susceptible to battery damage from water if the seal breaks

4. Fisher-Price Octonauts Claw and Drill Gup-D Playset

 GUP-D playset octonauts

Kids will truly feel like they are part of the Octonauts as they go on adventures on the Gup-D. It is a playset featuring the Gup-D with a claw on one side and a drill on the other. This also makes a great bath toy as it can be used both on land and in the water.  To see the drill spin and squirt water, just submerge it in the water and press the Gup-D’s fin.  

  • Suitable for use in bath
  • Squirts water
  • Press the fin to spin GUP-D’s drill
  • Includes vehicle, barnacles figure, and crab creature
  • Expensive

5. Fisher-Price Octonauts Flying Fish Gup-B Playset

GUP-B playset

Who was your kid’s favorite Octonaut again? Didn’t you say it was Kwazii, the daredevil cat? Any Kwazii fan will surely agree that this playset is one of the best Octonauts toys out there. It includes Gup-B, a one-seater shark-style Gup, and a Kwazii figure. Kids can let their imaginations run wild as they use the playset to recreate rescue missions they’ve watched on TV. It can be used in and out of water too, just like the other Gups! 

  • Can be used on land and in water
  • Comes with a Kwazii figure and flying fish creature
  • Your child will love this, especially at bathtime
  • Quite small for the price

6. Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup-M & Kwazii Playset

GUP-M & Kwazii playset

It’s time to get down and dirty with mud using the Gup-M! Kids can go on a mission to rescue animals in style with their buddy Kwazii by their side. The set comes with the Gup-M, a Kwazii figure wearing his helmet, and a capybara to rescue. It also includes a “creature carrier” for carrying the animal they’ve just rescued which snaps easily onto the Gup-M. The vehicle launches mud with the press of a button and even carries an extra mud dart in the back. 

  • Excellent quality playset featuring GUP-M, Kwazii, and capybara creature
  • Launches a mud dart
  • Creature carrier that attaches onto vehicle
  • Kwazii includes a removable helmet
  • Can be used in the bath
  • Expensive

7. Fisher-Price Octonauts Octo-Crew 8 Figure Pack

octonauts 8 figure pack

Can’t remember who your kid’s favorite Octonaut is? Just get them all and save money with this all-in pack. Any set that contains all eight crew members is definitely among the best Octonauts toys in our book. It includes figures of Inkling, Dashi, Tunip, Tweak, Peso, Kwazii, Barnacles, and Shellington in 2 to 3-inch sizes. Even adults who are avid collectors of the Octonauts toys will love this complete figure set too. 

  • Collect 8 characters in one purchase
  • The figures fit into GUP vehicles purchased separately
  • Durable high-quality figures
  • Slightly pricey

8. Fisher-Price Octonauts Octo Glow Crew Pack

glow crew pack

Got the classic crew set already? We bet your kid doesn’t have this rare Octo-Glow Crew Pack in his collection yet. Like the previous toy set, this one also comes with all eight crew members of the Octonauts. Only this time, they are all in their iconic glowing Octo-suit! Barnacles, Shellington, Tweak, and Tunip glow green while Kwazii, Peso, Dashi, and Inkling’s arms and legs glow an orange hue. This all-in set is an Octonauts collector’s dream come true! 

  • Glow in the dark arms and legs
  • Another high-quality set by Fisher-Price
  • Rare and hard to find character figures
  • Collect 8 figures in the same purchase
  • Overpriced

9. Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup-A Deluxe Vehicle Playset

GUP-A deluxe playset

A ship is nothing without its captain like any Octonauts collection is incomplete without Captain Barnacles, the brave polar bear. This playset features the Gup-A model and a figure of Captain Barnacles. It is perfect for underwater rescue missions as the vehicle’s headlights and antenna’s change color. The set also comes with an angler fish and a net that you can all store inside the Gup-A when playtime is over. 

  • Your child wil enjoy playing with this in the bath
  • Includes Gup A deluxe vehicle, Barnacles figure, angler fish, urchin, arm grabber, seaweed moustache and hook with rescue net
  • All pieces store inside vehicle
  • Headlights change color
  • Stricly limited stock
  • Overpriced

10. Fisher-Price Gup-V & Tweak Vehicle Playset

In tenth place of the best Octonauts toys is the Gup-V & tweak playset. There are many reasons that we love this playset, to name a few: The Bomber Worm and flares are glow in the dark. Additionally, your child can make Tweak launch flares from the side of the Gup vehicle by pressing the button on the top. They can also launch the flares from the catapult too! This playset is made by Fisher-Price so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality toy.

Any Octonaut fan’s collection would be incomplete without Tweak, who is a fan-favorite among many viewers. Finally, the creature tank can also be opened to transport the Bomber worm along with them on their aquatic adventures.

  • Launches flares from either side
  • The flares glow in the dark
  • Shoot flares from the catapult
  • Includes creature tank and bomber worm
  • Not suitable for water use
  • Quite pricey

11. Octonauts Fisher-Price Gup-X & Dashi

gup-x with dashi toy

Your child can now enjoy the strongest Gup ever made by Tweak by recreating magical moments with this playset. What’s more, it features Dashi which is the crew’s computer-savvy I.T. technician and octopod driver, so she can be relied upon to control the GUP-X with your child. The toy also works in water and allows an octo-ski to be launched.

  • Press the top button to launch slime darts
  • Works in water
  • Comes with octo-pod
  • Includes Dashi figure & sea creature
  • Great for the bath
  • Expensive

Are Octonauts Toys Worth The Money?

While the Octonauts toys aren’t exactly what parents-on-a-tight-budget would want, they actually make great investments in the long run. Rather than settling on a cheap toy your child will get bored of in a day, save up for a good quality Octonauts playset you’ll know he will love. 

You’ll be surprised to see how much money you will save instead of buying new toys every week. Not only will the Octonauts keep your kids busy and happy for a long time, but they can also keep it as a collection until they grow up. Octonauts toys are keepsakes your kids can cherish forever to remind them of your love. 

Why Kids Love Octonauts Toys So Much

In addition to the series being super unique, there’s also a wide variety of characters, which leaves kids divided on their favorites. Furthermore, most Octonauts toys can be played with during bath time, consequently, kids will be able to enjoy playing all day long, because they can play in the bath with most GUP toys, on the go with smaller figures, and finally, in the house with everything else.

Why are Octonauts Toys So Expensive? 

If you’ve been searching for the best Octonauts toys for a while now, you must’ve seen some ridiculously high prices. The popularity of the show has made their merchandise, especially toys, such a hot commodity all over the world. The main reason for the toys’ super high prices is high demand and low stock. Additionally, they are manufactured outside of the US and UK, mainly in China, and imported and sold through resellers. 

This has gained Octonauts toys an elite collector status causing some playsets to be as expensive as $300. 

Can Octonauts Toys Be Used in the Bath?

Many kids enjoy playtime in the bath, and with Octonauts toys being the perfect toy to do so, the program is under-water themed many toys are created with bathtime in mind. Specifically, we have outlined which toys are suitable for use in the bath and underwater throughout the article. Furthermore, many are created with some sort of special feature that works underwater, such as lights or shooting objects.

I'm the editor here at I've worked in the toy industry for just over 10 years, so I know the ins and outs of all things toys. I thought I would share everything with you on my blog. I'm also a big kid at heart and I'm not ashamed to say that I still get the lego out every once in a while.

Hi, I’m Mark

I'm the editor here at I've worked in the toy industry for just over 10 years, so I know the ins and outs of all things toys. I thought I would share everything with you on my blog. I'm also a big kid at heart and I'm not ashamed to say that I still get the lego out every once in a while.

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