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There’s no denying that Dinotrux was a Netflix hit. It scored a solid 6.9/10 on IMDB. The show mixes two popular toy types that are huge in the boy’s toys industry – Trucks and Dinosaurs.

As a result of the show being popular, it’s no surprise that the toys were a hit too, they flew off of the shelf in no time. Unfortunately, the toys were only made by one manufacturer, Mattel.

Additionally, they no longer create new lines, which has resulted in Dinotrux toys becoming more expensive. Everything available online right now is end-of-line stock. In other words, it’s strictly limited. So get your hands on it whilst you still can.

On this page, we’ll be showing you all of the best Dinotrux toys.


Best Dinotrux Toys

Reptool Control Ty Rux

Dinotrux Reptool Control Ty Rux Toy-Vehicle
  • RC Dinotrux Fun with Reptool Control Ty Rux!
  • Features five modes of motorized play with the easy-to-use RC control.
  • Followmode allows you to point the Revvit remote control at Ty Rux as he follows you around.
  • In Find Revvit mode, place the remote control within an eight-foot distance of Ty Rux, watch as he scans the area to find his buddy Revvit.
  • Press the Dance button to see Ty move to the groove with some sweet dance moves

The Reptool Control Ty Rux takes the spotlight and is truly one of the best Dinotrux toys available to buy. Why wouldn’t it be? It provides the user with hours of interactive fun beyond any normal stand-still toy.

What’s cool about it is the five features that will keep you, or your little one entertained. There’s one button that makes Ty Rux dance with some groovy moves.

Also, there’s another button that makes Ty Rux scan the area (if he’s close enough) to find his buddy Revvit. There’s a “follow” mode that makes Rux follow you around when you hold the remote.

  • Super fun and interactive motorized RC toy
  • 5 different RC modes
  • Highly detailed and high-quality diecast
  • The price is currently inflated due to low availability

Dinotrux Reptool Revvit

Dinotrux Reptool Revvit
  • Work and play like a favorite Dinotrux character
  • Reptool Revit from the Mechanic Era is ready to roll into fun on wheels that mimic his movement on the animated show
  • Complete with unique Reptool sounds and phrases
  • He features a tail-activated spinning drill head with interchangeable bits
  • Includes a real measuring tape tongue

Revvit is one of the most beloved Dinotrux characters. The product is perfect for fans of all ages. He has a cute little measuring tape tongue, just like the on-screen character, that you can pull out.

He makes little sounds and has interchangeable bits for his head tool. You can easily activate his tool by wiggling his tail to get the most fun out of this little guy. 

Key Features 

  • Plays and moves like the character Reptool Revit
  • Has unique Reptool Revvit phrases and sounds
  • Features a spinning drill head with interchangeable bits activated by his tail 
  • The tongue is an actual measuring tape like the character 
  • Well-built with materials made to last
  • Fun for kids who enjoy watching the Dinotrux show
  • You can change the bits and pull out his tongue to make him speak
  • Costly

Dinotrux Flatiron Face-Off Battle Pack

This is the ultimate Dinotrux set for young fans. The set has most of the show’s main characters and is designed to look like the actual characters. The pieces are sturdy overall and have moving parts, making them all the more fun to play with.

The overall materials used are durable, and they all have little wheels at the bottom, making them more like the characters in the show. 


  • Get a multipack of die-cast Dinotrux characters, including Ton-ton, Garby, Ty Rux, Ace, Skya, and Revvit. 
  • All characters have rolling wheels and move like their on-screen counterparts. 
  • They are made with 50% plastic and 50% metal.
  • About 2 to 4 inches, slightly larger than matchbox cars
  • Get a pack of the most beloved Dinotrux characters all in one set
  • They are slightly larger than a matchbox car, making them great for kids and adults of different ages
  • They are made out of both metal and plastic; hence tough
  • It has a total of 6 characters
  • Dozer (one of the main characters) is not included in the set

Dinotrux Diecast Dozer 

Dinotrux Diecast, Dozer
  • This Dinotrux assortment offers fans variety!
  • Choose from either original die-cast characters or Supercharged characters.
  • Fans will recognize favorite characters Ty Rux, Garby and Revvit, among many others.
  • Features rolling wheels and movements unique to their personality.
  • Includes either 1 Dinotrux vehicle.

The Diecast dozer character is one of the most fun to watch, and kids love him. This toy is made to mimic dozer’s movements and overall look. It is made of hard plastic and rubber pieces hence a great quality.

It is a little costly and needs to be bought individually as it is not included in any of the sets available. 


  • It comes in 6.5 by 2.25 by 8.5 inches in dimensions
  • The construction is mainly plastic, but this toy is lightweight and rigid 
  • It comes individually, but you can include other pieces to make a set 
  • He has wheels that mimic the character’s movement 
  • Small and light but still big enough for older kids
  • Made from sturdy materials allowing it to survive rough games
  • It is not noisy or extravagant
  • Perfect replica of the beloved dozer
  • It is expensive due to a high demand

Dinotrux Diecast, Revvit & Tortool

Dinotrux Diecast, Revvit & Tortool (2-pack)
  • The half-dinosaur, half-construction vehicles from Dinotrux deliver ferocious fun!
  • This 2-Pack offers fans variety by featuring two favorite Reptools from the show: Revvit and Tortool.
  • Each small-scale character features movements that reflect its on-screen personality and unique “toolability.”
  • Look for other Dinotrux characters, like Skrap-It and Waldo, (sold separately) to expand your Reptools collection!
  • Includes Revvit and Tortool character figures.

This dual set is perfect for your collection if you or your kids are Dinotrux fans. You will get the Tortool, which moves around like its screen character, and Revvit with his multiple tools. This is a fun addition to any Dinotrux collection and is designed to last. 


  • Comes in a dual pack containing Revvit and Tortool. 
  • They mimic their on-screen personality in their movements and their toolability 
  • Weighs about 2.8 ounces and is relatively small (6.5 by 2.25 inches)
  • Recommended for kids of up to 10 years 
  • Made of plastic and metal 
  • You get two characters for the price of one
  • They have little wheels that allow them to move around
  • Durable design giving them a longer lifespan in your toy chest
  • Features two popular characters that are not in the other sets
  • They are small


To conclude, Dinotrux toys are hard to come by. We’ve put together the best ones on this page that we’ve tried and tested in-house, whilst making sure there is availability as well as reasonable pricing.

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