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Collectors usually get to the point where they want to learn how to display Hot Wheels unopened, inside its original package. This is usually because the item is worth more in its original packaging, and because nowadays it looks much nicer in the blister card than loose.

Some of the designs on the blister cars are extremely well-designed and eye-catching, there’s no surprise that you may want to display them inside the box.

Usually, only children take them out of the packet to play with them. However, we don’t judge any fellow collectors who choose to do the same.

It is an exciting hobby, and your car collection is not complete if you don’t own collectibles such as Hot Wheels.

After collecting various Hot Wheels series such as Hot Wheels Premium, Treasure Hunts, Character Cars, etc, displaying them properly becomes the next problem.

Although they look fantastic in their original blister card, they cannot stand up straight. That is why you must support them because the card goes lower than the blister bubble, preventing them from sitting nicely.

So what do you do when you want to display your Hot Wheels in their packages but still have a beautiful display?

How to Display Your Hot Wheels Inside Its Package:

  • Hot Wheels Display Shelf
  • Buy a window display box
  • Use a pegboard
  • Double-sided tape
  • Plastic Celing Strapping
  • Card display boards

Hot Wheels Package Display Ideas

Hot Wheels Display Shelf

toy car display shelf

Another fantastic method for showing your packaged Hot Wheels nicely is with one of these very clever display shelves. Again, it shouldn’t be too tricky to put this up using a power drill.

For us, this is the best way to display your Hot Wheels collection inside its packaging. Simply drill in the shelf, and you’re ready to hang your collection. You don’t need to mess around with tape, or pins, all you need is to know how to put a shelf up.

Plus, it looks great too and your card is not at risk of tearing from tape. The only setback here is dust can gather and ruin your blister card over time.

Window Display Box

window display box for hot wheels cars

You can use a window display box like the one pictured above to display your hot wheels in its original blister card. Furthermore, you can conveniently hang them with pins if the display case has a soft canvas board.

It can be tricky to hang this display on the wall, especially if you’re not a DIY kind of person. However, it should be simple enough to fit this onto the wall if you have access to a power drill. Everybody has a handy friend that knows how to get this done if they can’t.

Use a Peg Board

pegboard for displaying hot wheels

These pegboards, as shown in the image above – allow collectors to conveniently display their most prized cars from their collection in neat columns. For example, you can have a column or row of one particular collection, depending on how you want to arrange them.

For example, if you collect a series of Car Culture or Character Cars, there are usually around 5 cars in each yearly series. As a result, displaying them horizontally across the pegboard would suit this perfectly.

 You can install pegboards in your studio or bedroom and hang your Hot Wheels there. You don’t have to remove them from their package.

Additionally, you won’t damage the package; thus, it will look as good as new.

The only drawback here is you may scratch the wall and leave it with holes.

Plastic Ceiling Strapping

ceiling strapping for hot wheels on wall

Another method on how to display hot wheels in their package on your wall is to use ceiling plastic ceiling strapping. This can be bought from most hardware stores such as Home Depot. Additionally, it can be put onto surfaces such as display boards and walls.

Simply stick the strapping to the surface using double-sided tape, use a ruler and pencil to pinpoint the exact distance from each column. The only drawback from using these is that you have to take each car out from the top to get to the bottom.

Double-Sided Sticky Tape

scotch double-sided sticky tape

You can use this method to hang your Hot Wheels on the wall. However, we recommend against this method because it can result in your pain ripping off the wall. On the other hand, you can use tape such as Scotch tape that won’t remove or damage your wall paint.

Scotch tape will allow you to remove your Hot Wheels without pulling the paint off the wall or damaging the card. Additionally, it will provide a strong and stable force to stick the card to the wall so you can display it neatly.

Official Hot Wheels Case

You don’t want to deal with hundreds of packages to display your Hot Wheels?

No problem. You can buy an official Hot wheels case and store your Hot Wheels in it. Apart from saving on storage space, the case is see-through, thus making a beautiful display.

The best way to display your collection openly but still protect it from dust and natural elements!

hot wheels display case

Using A Sticky Material

For those who are not ready to damage our painted walls. But we all want our Hot Wheels safe and looking brand new. All you need is a stick material that you can use to stock the Hot Wheels package on the wall.

That is how you get an attractive Hot Wheels collection on your wall without actually damaging your wall.

In our books, that is a win-win!

The sticky material could consist of double-sided tape, blue tac, putty

Over To You

We have done our part.

Now it is up to you to choose a method of displaying Hot wheels in their packages that suits you best.

There are several methods to choose from, so you can select one that does not cramp your style.

So, as you increase your collection make sure you display them in a way that doesn’t expose them to dust and other natural elements! 

Tear and wear will make your toys look old. So keep them safe!

How to Arrange Your Hot Wheels Display

Don’t just arrange your Hot Wheels anyhow!

They will look more chaotic, and no matter how classy the toy cars are, they will not look appealing.

Plus, how do you find a specific Hot Wheels from, let’s say, the car culture collection amidst the chaos?

It is tough. But what’s the solution?

Here are a few ideas for displaying your Hot Wheels beautifully and in a way you can easily find a specific toy car. (like when you need to show it off, you know?)

By Year

Mattel has been creating breathtaking Hot Wheels toys since 1968. They have released thousands of Hot Wheels over all those years.

That is why collectors have Hot Wheels from different years as part of their prized collection. That is why displaying your Hot Wheels by the years they were manufactured is such a good idea.

You can choose to start with the newer models and then finish your display with the older vintage-looking Hot Wheels or vice versa. Whichever you choose, you have an organized Hot Wheels display.

By Collection

Over the years, Mattel has produced many Hot Wheels collections that many toy lovers excitedly purchased. Thus increasing their Hot Wheels collection! So why not organize your display by collection?

Have a section for pop culture collection, car culture collection, cool classics, Retro style, Pro racing, and so on.

You can start with your favorite collections so that you can easily retrieve them when you want to show other people.

By Make/ Model

Mattel knows how to sell their toy cars! They have matchbox-sized toy cars with the exact models of most exotic and ordinary car models. 

Irresistible right?

So you can arrange your Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Mercedes, and other high-end exotic Hot Wheels toys.

Thus creating an attractive yet simple display.

Benefits Of Displaying Cars In Packages

Removing your hot wheels from their packages is fantastic, and all but you may do more harm than good to your precious collection.

Display your Hot Wheels in their packages.

Here are the benefits of doing so:

Protect them From Dust

When you display your Hot Wheels in open spaces, you expose them to dust particles. When you clean your den, bedroom, or studio(wherever you have displayed your favorite Hot Wheels), dust will land on them.

Thus your Hot Wheels will get dirty, and so you must clean them often. 

This is not very good, and it may damage your Hot Wheels, as we will see in the next point.

Safer Transporting

Any time you want to move your display, I know there is that fear of scratching or leaving them with minor dents.

Good news!

This is not something you will have to worry about when they are in their packages. You can move your display from your room to your studio without worrying about scratches. Definitely a stress-free way of moving your Hot Wheels collection.

It is also an inexpensive method, so you don’t have to worry about the cost!

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