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Buying a tech deck ramp can be pricey, what not make one yourself? We’ve crafted a DIY guide to show you how you can make one yourself without forking out a lot of money to buy one. Plus, you might even enjoy creating it.

When it comes to finger skateboards, Tech Deck got you covered. Kids just getting into skateboarding, skateboard collectors, and the people who want to start from the bottom and work their way up will all appreciate the best tech decks. On top of that, all of their fingerboards contain authentic artwork from some of the world’s most renowned skateboard manufacturers. 

Finger skateboarding is one of the best ways to enjoy your time when you are at home. You get to learn new tricks and make awesome stunts by practicing whenever you have time. And, the best way to enjoy this is to play with a tech deck ramp. 


Steps On How To Make A Tech Deck Ramp

You’ll need a place to practice your tricks if you’re going to use finger skateboards. With a variety of jumps and trick devices, you may create your skatepark and make it as exciting as possible. One, two, or all of the following items can be used to build your custom fingerboard skatepark. Follow now our tips on how to make a tech deck ramp:

Step 1: Ramp Making

  1. To begin, cut a piece of the board into a rectangle. Cut two squares with sides that are equal to the length of the rectangle’s thin side. Rectangles should be sized following the fingerboard dimensions.
  2. Tape one side of the squares together. The short end of the rectangle should be taped to the opposite side of the square from the other square.
  3. Using masking tape, attach the rectangles’ other ends to the farthest square end. Make sure the shape of the rectangle is curved inwardly.
  4. Cut a second square of the same dimensions. One end of the rectangle has two squares taped to each other.
  5. Remove any extra cardboard by trimming it. Tape the end of the curved rectangle to the side of the end. On the other side, perform the same procedures as before.

Step 2: Rail Making

  1. Make three equal squares. Cut a square diagonally in half. Tape together the two remaining pieces. To create a triangular structure, adhere the triangles to the squares with double-sided tape.
  2. Measure the dimensions of the squares on the board before cutting a long strip. Attach it to the bottom square. You can rest it on the triangle if you fold it in half. After that, attach the two ends of the triangle with tape. The final step is to trim the excess and apply tape.
  3. Make three 1-inch-tall (2.5-cm-tall) cardboard rolls. The longer side of the triangle should be taped upright. To make a triangle, place the first one in the center and the second and third on either side of the center.
  4. One last roll in between squares’ length and the rectangle’s width, should be made. After that, secure it to the joists with tape.

Step 3: Ground Rail Making

  1. Make a 20.3 cm long roll.
  2. You should make two 1-inch long rolls. A few centimeters from each end of the 8-inch roll, secure the tape.
  3. Attach two 1–2 inch squares to the short poles with double-sided tape.

Step 4: Making Stairs

  1. Cut six-inch squares from each of the four pieces of fabric. Put two of them together.
  2. Draw a stair-like design on the other two. Use around 1 inch high steps for each step Start from any corner, approximately an inch away. Keep the two larger parts of the pattern.
  3. Tape them to the grind rail in the same manner as the triangles.
  4. The rectangles should be one inch by six inches. Tape them to the fronts of the stairs as needed. 

Step 5: Forming A Bowl

  1. Cut a total of 21 squares and 4 rectangles. Use the 8 x 8 squares and the rectangles to build four ramps. Make no side dishes.
  2. Tape the bottoms of each of the ramps to a central square.
  3. Each empty corner should be filled with three squares arranged in the shape of an L on the floor. Tape the edges together, and then set up the other two on the ends of the L shape. Put them together to form a corner, which you can then attach to the ramps with tape. Repeat the process for each of the four corners.
  4. Each corner should have a triangle in it. The sides must be correctly curled, but not at an incorrect angle. Tape one side of a large rectangle, then remove the excess and finish the remainder.

Step 6: Making A Half Pipe

  1. Make two sturdy ramps.
  2. Join the two lower edges 
  3. Flip the ramps down so you can see the bottom of each one.
  4. Apply some tape to the four bottom edges and join them together.
  5. You can now see the top of the ramps by flipping them over.
  6. It’s time to re-tape the edges together, with this side facing up.

Step 7: Making A Whole Skate Park Using A Sink

  1. Locate a sink and clean it out. Sink of any kind. Using that sink as a fingerboard bowl is alright.
  2. A tiny ramp can be created by opening the books and placing them next to each other. Check that all of the books have their covers facing each other. Miniature ramps are the result.
  3. Make use of some drawer or cupboard handles. These might be the rails.
  4. Put a ruler between two books to get the handles for drawers and cupboards if you can’t find them.
  5. Make a stairway out of books. Stack them high.
  6. Make your skatepark in a sink and have fun!

Now that you know how to make a tech deck ramp, you can now try making it at home! Make sure to follow all the steps as thoroughly as possible to avoid making mistakes. If you find it quite challenging, just go read this guide again if you need assistance while you are in the process of ramp making. 

What is a Tech Deck Ramp?

Tech deck ramps are great and will boost the fun out of your finger skateboarding experience! You can use this to make tricks and make your playtime more thrilling. But wait, where do you get these tech deck ramps?

You can purchase pre-made ramps online but if you want something much more cost-effective, you can make your own! But what if you don’t know how to make a tech deck ramp? Do not worry for we got your back! We will walk you through our guide and we will give you tips on how to make a tech deck ramp.

Building a Tech Deck Ramp? Here’s What You Need

First things first, before proceeding with the guide on how to make a tech deck ramp, collect the following materials that you will need:

  • Cardboard: This will be the base of your tech deck ramp.
  • Scissors: The tool you will need to cut the cardboard into pieces.
  • Ruler: You’ll be needing this when you draw lines on the cardboard before cutting it.
  • Pen: Draw the lines using a marker or pen to make cutting easier.
  • Tape: Do not forget to purchase tapes because you will need this when attaching the cardboard pieces.
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