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They are made by:

  • Jazwares
  • Wow! Stuff
  • AMAV Toys LTD. 
  • Just Play
  • Bandai UK Ltd
  • License 2 Play Toys LLC
  • Spark Create Imagine 
  • Hasbro Gaming

Kids aren’t the only ones who are thankful for CoComelon’s existence especially during the time of a pandemic. Parents are just as relieved to have CoComelon videos easily accessible on YouTube and other online streaming platforms to keep their kids occupied while they get some work done.

CoComelon is a life-saver; no wonder it’s among the top-grossing kids’ shows across the globe. Thanks to the official CoComelon toy manufacturers, CoComelon characters and accessories are also available to entertain kids on another level. The current CoComelon toy makers and manufacturers, which we discuss further below, include:

CoComelon is well-loved by kids and their parents worldwide and is watched by children as young as one year old. Their jolly tunes and engaging content teach kids valuable lessons while taking them on fun adventures from their screens. Because most kids find much comfort with the show, parents want to gift official CoComelon merchandise to their kids. To buy only the best toys for your kids, first, you should know who makes CoComelon toys.  


Who Can Manufacture Toys for CoComelon? 

Moonbug Entertainment is a multi-billion dollar global entertainment company that owns the licensing rights to CoComelon. The company is based in London and has partnered up with manufacturers from other parts of the world to make and distribute their official CoComelon merchandise for them. 

Because CoComelon is licensed by Moonbug, not anyone can make toys inspired by it. A manufacturer must be licensed or gain official approval from the licensing company before creating and releasing their line of CoComelon toys. 

Popular Manufacturers of CoComelon Toys

If you want nothing less than the best CoComelon toys for your kids, then we’ve made things easier for you by listing down the top official manufacturers that create, sell, and distribute CoComelon toys. You can assure of the quality of these toys and that they are far from being knock-offs. If you wish to know who makes CoComelon toys, here are your answers!

1. Jazwares

Jazwares is the company where the toy line for CoComelon first debuted. As the main toy manufacturer for CoComelon, Jazwares has a wide collection of CoComelon toys to choose from. They have plush toys, musical playsets, and bath toys all featuring the CoComelon gang including JJ, YoYo, and TomTom. When buying from Jazwares, you are assured of the toys’ quality as they are an officially licensed manufacturer for CoComelon. Jazwares partners with Bandai and imports and distributes CoComelon toys in different parts of the world. 

2. Wow! Stuff 

Wow! Stuff is another official Moonbug Entertainment partner in the creation of toys for children from all around the world. To create the most original and fascinating CoComelon Toys, the company focuses on innovation. They have their own website where they sell the CoComelon toys, but they also offer their products on other eCommerce sites like Amazon and Walmart. Wow! Stuff not only creates toys that include CoComelon’s main characters, but also incorporates the show’s music, morals, and other well-known themes.

3. AMAV Toys LTD. 

Because CoComelon has become a worldwide phenomenon, it is sought after by kids from everywhere in the world. CoComelon toys are distributed by AMAV Toys in the UAE and Western Asia. Kids and parents in this part of the world may now purchase CoComelon toys without having to pay hundreds of dollars in shipping fees. AMAV Toys also carries a large selection of CoComelon toys, as well as other popular items.

4. Just Play

Just Play is a market frontrunner of children’s consumer goods. Moonbug Entertainment has also granted them a license to produce and distribute CoComelon-inspired toys in North America and other areas of the world. Their CoComelon toy line is appropriate for kids of all ages. Aside from Moonbug, they’ve teamed with Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel Entertainment, and Twentieth Century Fox, among other children’s entertainment businesses.

5. Bandai UK Ltd

CoComelon is a proudly British franchise, and because the show was initially broadcast there, it’s unsurprising that many kids want to get their hands on CoComelon toys all across the country. As an official partner and distributor of Jazwares, Bandai is a master licensee for some of today’s most popular children’s entertainment. Their CoComelon toy range is available for purchase on their website. There are a variety of toys available, including plush toys, bath squirters, and all-in-one playsets.

6. License 2 Play Toys LLC

If you want to buy your child’s CoComelon toys from trusted toy manufacturers, License 2 Play is a great choice. This toy manufacturing company has been around for nearly two decades, so it goes without saying that they know what they’re doing when it comes to creating and selling toys. The company also has a website where their CoComelon toy line is displayed, but it is also offered through several eCommerce platforms. They are a one-stop-shop for unique gifts and children’s toys.

7. Spark Create Imagine 

Spark Create Imagine is a Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. trademark that focuses on educational toys for children. They are also a master toy licensee for Moonbug’s CoComelon, and their official website features a large assortment of CoComelon toys. The toy line is also available and on display at physical Walmart stores, allowing parents to see the actual products before deciding to buy. CoComelon rides and musical toys are made available by Spark Create Imagine for kids.

8. Hasbro

Hasbro Inc. is a toy, board game, and media business based in the United States. They are well-known for their board and video games, but they also own the CoComelon toy license and manufacture them. Their CoComelon toy line is currently out of stock on their website, but it is available for purchase on Amazon and other online retailers. Hasbro has released a CoComelon edition of their popular board games which is what they are most known for. 

Moonbug Entertainment ensures that each CoComelon toy meets its high standards and lives up to the brand’s reputation. This is why they are serious about granting licenses to toy manufacturers. Still, you have plenty of options from our list of the top CoComelon toy manufacturers above. 

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