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In late 2020, Cocomelon skyrocketed the charts both on YouTube and Netflix. As of late 2021, Cocomelon now has over 120 million subscribers on YouTube, and is the second-highest subscribed to channel. If you’ve been checking Amazon lately, you may have been wondering why Cocomelon Toys are so expensive.

As a result of the surge, Cocomelon has become one of the most in-demand toys available in the market across the globe, particularly in the United States.

Prices are now at an all-time high as toy manufacturers fight for licensing rights to meet the demands of consumers.

If you’ve checked the online marketplaces recently you might have wondered why the prices for Cocomelon toys are so expensive. Let’s go over this below.


Why Cocomelon Toy Prices are so High

Millions of households across the world are watching the nursery rhymes of JJ and his family, making it the perfect gift for little ones at Christmas and throughout the year. Additionally, because demand is so high, the retailers can name their price for Cocomelon toys.

Furthermore, only a handful of manufacturers are allowed to purchase the licensing rights to make these toys, so they dominate the market with their products. Consequently, this allows them to put the prices up because they know people will pay it.

When you intend to buy a Cocomelon toy, you’re looking at around $20-30 these days for a deluxe JJ doll.

This is because demand is so high, so retailers are raising their prices because manufacturers are raising theirs. Furthermore, as more toys sell out, they have to make them more quickly to cope with the high buying volume.

Why Babies Love Cocomelon Toys

Another reason why Cocomelon toys are expensive is that toddlers are so amused by them. There’s nothing quite like the sound of tranquility, which is exactly what you get when you mix a toddler with Cocomelon.

Have you ever seen a kid or baby watching Cocomelon? It keeps them quiet, happy and entertained for hours.

Therefore, parents are willing to pay premium prices for a brand that they also love too. Some of the toys are super interactive and can be just as entertaining as the show itself.

In 2021, the JJ Deluxe Interactive Doll was the most sought-after non-electronic kids’ toy for Christmas. It dominated the shelves of superstores.

On social media across the nation, the stories of parents were filled with their little ones opening the wrapping paper to the JJ Deluxe doll.

Production Costs are Rising

As of 2021, it was widely spread across news outlets that prices for toys would be going up. We were also warned that stock would be scarce towards Christmas of 2021 too. Furthermore, this was because of a material shortage and an increase in the cost to produce toys.

Other factors also contribute to higher toy prices such as a rise in shipping costs. Besides shipping, you also get import charges for the transportation of goods into other countries which retailers must take into account with their stock deliveries. Therefore, the price they list their products for will be higher.

Additionally, let’s not forget the cost of living is also rising which results in paying staff higher wages. This will affect labor costs and staff that work for the toy retailers too.

Limited Quantities of Cocomelon Toys

Due to the shortage of materials, the cost to produce, and the limited number of manufacturers, only a limited number of toys are made. Plus, manufacturers only get the licensing rights for a limited time.

For example, Jazwares started rolling out Cocomelon toys in 2020. Now, if you check the Jazwares website, Cocomelon is no longer listed as one of their brands.

As a result, this tells us that the range they created is the end of the line and other manufacturers are now creating the toys for them.

This happens quite often with many toy lines. One example of this was with the Octonauts. Fisher-Price was the main creator, and now Moose Toys have taken over to release their new lines. The same has happened here with Jazwares.

The Most Expensive Cocomelon Toys

Currently, there is a huge range of Cocomelon toys that are available to buy, this includes soft toys, dolls, figures, playsets, and more. As you can imagine, the price range can vary depending on the type of toy.

  • Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll by Jazzwares
  • Musical School Learning Bus by Jazzwares
  • Musical Bedtime JJ Doll by Jazzwares
  • Tractor Toy by Jazzwares

From the list, you may have noticed that all of the toys were made by Jazwares – it seems that they make the highest-quality Cocomelon toys and have made the most of their licensing lease. They’re everywhere in the US and UK, and many other countries. Finally, it will be hard for another company to contend with the quality of these toys.

CoComelon Official Deluxe Interactive JJ Doll with Sounds
  • The CoComelon Doll encourages a roleplay, which nurtures imagination and learning!
  • Inspired your child's favorite educational series, the CoComelon Deluxe Interactive Doll sure bring the fun when it's playtime home! The kids will have a blast learning and playing!
  • Listen songs and sounds like This the Way, Name Song, and Yes Yes Vegetables when they feed and press his tummy
  • Your child can play along with and engage with his Interactive sounds! This helps improve your child's dexterity and fine motor skills!
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